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I'm an Amsterdam-based artist and creator of contemporary artworks. My zodiac sign is Aquarius and my favorite moment of the day is the morning, preferably with coffee in my hand and my face in the sun. I am a little bit messy and often a little too late. I like to immerse myself in other cultures and travelling the world is a life goal for me. Women inspire me. I love spending time in nature. But most of all, I paint. 

Paintings that tickle the soul.

The paintings I create are very recognizable by the smooth color transitions in combination with rough contrasting details. My aesthetic values reflect the beauty of imperfection and an old authentic ambiance. 

My curiosity about other people's lives when I'm travelling is an endless source of inspiration. Especially when I see women around my own age who are absorbed in their everyday lives. I well remember sitting in a fishing boat in Myanmar (2014) and seeing a young woman along the shore washing her clothes in the brown water of the river. At that moment, so many questions ran through my mind. What is her life like? How happy is she with her life? What kind of difficulties is she struggling with? What would she do if she was born with the same opportunities I got? And would I be happy if I had her life? I try to capture that curiosity and those feelings in my paintings. Wondering. Daydreaming. And a little bit of mystery.


VAT-id: NL003440430B58

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